Final email from Bruce about Medway gig

Hello again! This is the absolutely final email about the Medway gig. Tha
nk you all for a pair of productive rehearsals. I think this will be fun.

1. All the stuff in the long email from Monday night is still correct, ex

a. Gwehelog Grace – this is being done with the congregation. Add an Inst
rumental verse as introduction, then the 2 verses and Amen as written.

b. We’re not doing Lydia, Frome, or Allendale. These were extras in case
we needed them, but we already have enough songs.

2. I would like to be ready to go by 8:30. The service starts at 8:45, an
d I don’t want a lot of last-minute messing around while the congregation
is coming in. If we’re ready at 8:30, we can tune the instruments well,
maybe sing something as warmup music, and be relaxed and settled when it’
s time to start.

3. Singers should stand up to sing. I will forget this; if one person rem
embers the others will see it and remember also.
There are enough chairs for everyone; I checked last night. Tenors and ba
sses might be a little squished. If anyone doesn’t like those metal chair
s, there were a couple of wooden ones somewhere.
Please don’t wear anything with perfume or odor. It’s pretty tight quarte
rs, and I get sneezy. I hope they don’t use incense!

4. Communion will be served at the railing between us and the congregatio
n, so we won’t have everyone walking between us. A couple of us will nee
d to go elsewhere so the servers can stand there.
The front row people, when we’re not doing anything, should try to keep y
our stands, feet, &c., back, so they don’t get trod upon by the servers.

5. CORRECT ORDER of SONGS. There are also a couple of hymns & canticles f
rom the hymnal, which you can sing if you want.

– Prelude: PSALM 122.


– ZADOCK. after first lesson.

– PSALM 23rd. after second lesson.

The Sermon:







– Offertory Hymn: CRANBROOK. With the congregation.

– Communion Hymn: GWEHELOG GRACE. With the congregation.

– Postlude: PENTONVILLE.

I hope that’s everything! Let me know if you have any questions or answer
s. I’ll see you on Sunday!



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