[cantabile] Report on June 28th meeting

We played:

  • Gervaise, Dix Bransles de Champaigne
  • Morley, Farewell, disdainful
  • Dowland, Where Sinne sore wounding
  • Slaves are they that heap up mountains
  • Arcadelt, Il bianco e dolce Cigno
  • Vecchi, Il bianco e dolce Cigno
  • Let us drink and be merry

The discussion about how to get copies of “finished” works took
place after several people had left. But Anne would prefer xeroxing
to paying for xeroxing, and can get it free if she supplies paper.
So she has a ream of my paper, and will be doing 5 or 6 copies of the
latest Drinking Songs over the next couple of weeks. I will be
checking and correcting the Dowland Third Book over that time, and
will then look for a volunteer to xerox that. Those who feel they
should be contributing more to the group should consider how they could
assist that effort. Unlike many groups, this group doesn’t require a
financial contribution very often, but like all groups, it does need
everyone to be aware of the work that goes into making it work, and to
contribute to the work as well as they can.

It occurred to me while compiling the list of pieces we did that
someone raised a question about finding the pitches on the
“More…Fill…More…Fill” section of “Slaves are they” which we
didn’t answer, so we’ll try to work on that better the next time.

Another issue that’s come up recently is whether we should be doing
more dance music. It works better for background music gigs, and
Ishmael thinks that with some work on the style we could even get gigs
playing for real dancers. But of course if people are more interested
in the vocal music, it doesn’t make sense to take time from that. So
let me know what you think.

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