Report on the October 2 meeting

We played:

  • Susato, Rondes I-IX, Saltarelle
  • Quand je Bois
  • Vignons, Vignons
  • Vive la Serpe
  • Je ne mange point de porc
  • Susato:
    • Danse d Hercules/De Matrigale
    • Den hoboecken dans
    • De Post
    • Les quatre Branles
    • Fagot
  • Pilkington, Rest, sweet nymphs
  • Wilbye, Weep, o mine eyes
  • Rounds:
    • He that drinks is immortal
    • Cakes and Ale
    • ’tis Women
    • To Portsmouth


We will be having regular dropin meetings at 7:45 on Tuesdaysat
the usual place.

The October 16 meeting will be limited to, and compulsory
for,those playing on October 20 at the cider picnic.

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