Notice the new look

Yesterday, I went to post my blog entry, and discovered that a
lot of links on my blog didn’t work. I eventually discovered
that it wasn’t an isolated problem, but was an instance of this

Before I found that article, I had already done most of what
Lorelle suggests, except that instead of doing it in
, I had moved from the web host (hostrocket) where I’ve had all of for several
years to the one where I’ve been putting
(dreamhost). And done some
fiddling with the theme.

So I now have a brand new installation, with a different look,
and the same blog content.

I’m planning to move the whole content to the new
site, using the wordpress blog as a content management system.
I hope to finish this by mid-October, as that’s when I would
have to pay hostrocket some more money. That isn’t a hard
deadline, as of course I can move content as is from one host to
the other.

In any case, let me know what you think of the new look. If
there’s something you really like better about the old site, let
me know.

It felt like a lot more work than this, but what I did was set
up a child theme based on the Thematic theme, and modify
it to have:

  • A header that looks a bit more like the old
  • A sidebar that looks something like the old one,
    only better, I hope.
  • Slightly larger type, in the Arial font instead of Georgia.

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