I’ll be playing on September 20

Here’s part of the draft press release my sister sent me
yesterday. I’d show you the whole thing, except that she sent
it for editing to the participants, and they may want something
edited in or out. But there will be lots of music and some poetry reading and probably opportunities to join in.

Arts Around the Block
Church of the Holy Spirit, 190 Rock Street, Fall River
Sunday September 20, 2000 12:30 -4


1:30: Laura Conrad, Two ornamented renaissance standards by Diego
Ortiz, G-alto Recorder accompanied on Italian
Virginals: Douce Memoire, O Felici Occhi Miei

Sanctuary – Classical music:
3: Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. Led at the keyboard by
Judith Conrad, Jagan Nath Singh Khalsa, Violin as Peter, Ruth Shand,
Bassoon as Grandfather, Mike Shand, Baroque Flute as the bird, Dan
Moniz, clarinet as the cat, Carroll Grillo, soprano and alto saxophone
as the duck, Alan Powers as narrator.

Outside by the wall behind the cemetery (weather and noise level

12:30 Laura Conrad, solo recorder music by Jacob Van Eyck, music to
stroll through the park to, in 17th century Holland

3:30 The Fall River Fipple Fluters:
The Night Watch by Anthony Holborne
Mozart Trio
Folk Songs from the British Isles (The Banks of Allen Waters,
Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron, All
Through the Night, Londonderry Air)
Dowland Now O Now I Needs Must Part

further information Judith Conrad 508-674-6128, Judithconrad@mindspring.com

Laura Conrad, also a Durfee high graduate, now lives in Cambridge MA
where she directs the Cantabile Renaissance band and studies recorder
with John Tyson. She is playing recorder today; she also plays
serpent, an ancestor of the tuba which was widely used as the loudest
instrument available between 1600 and 1850.

The Fall River Fipple Fluters are an amateur recorder-playing group
founded in 1991 by Judith Conrad. They play together for fun every
Friday at Four-thirty in Fall River. New members are always welcome,
willingness to try to learn recorder is the only requirement. They
play all sizes of recorder and many different styles of music, the
core repertoire being Western classical music from the 16th to the
18th centuries, the heyday of the recorder.. For further information
call Judith Conrad, 508-674-6128

I’m not listed in the Peter and the Wolf program, but
apparently everyone who comes will be invited to participate in
the finale, so I may bring a tuba or serpent or something, or just twitter on a recorder. I will definitely be playing with the Fipple Fluters.

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