Report on the August 12 meeting

We played:

  • Bigaglia, Sonata in A minor
  • Boismortier, Cello duet
  • Métoyen, Serpent duets
  • Weelkes group
  • Ravenscroft, Let us drink and be merry


We will be having our usual dropin meetings on Tuesdays at
7:45 PM at my
for the next 4 weeks.

On September 16, there’s a state primary election, and I’ll be
serving as Warden in Ward 10, Precinct 3. So we won’t have a
meeting unless someone else wants to organize.

It’s likely that the Bonnie Rogers Memorial Party will be on
Saturday, September 27, so the September 23 meeting may be limited to the
people who want to play at that event.

Remember that we’re going to be working on a concert for March
1. I’m thinking fairly hard about what to put on the program, so
if you want to play with us, you should let me know soon.

Other events

I haven’t been pushing the Wakefield Summer Band concerts
(with Laura Conrad on tuba), but
they’re starting to get fairly good, as people get used to
playing together and the people who haven’t touched their
instruments since last summer (or even longer than that) get
their chops in shape. Last year, the fourth concert consisted
almost entirely of the things that had sounded good on the first
three concerts, so it was by far the best. The third concert
will be Friday, August 15 at 7:00 PM at the Bandstand on the
south shore of Lake Quannapowitt. The fourth concert will be
Friday, August 31, at 6:30 PM at the bandstand. We rehearse
(and would play the concert if it were pouring rain) in the
First Congregational Church next to the bandstand, so if you
need directions, go to their website.


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