Report on the March 17 meeting

We played:

  • Loeillet, Opus 1, Sonata VIII, Poco
  • Gervaise, Dix Bransles de Champaigne
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains
  • Dowland:
    • Lachrimae Antiquae
    • Lachrimae Antiquae Novae
    • Lachrimae Gementes
    • Lachrimae Tristes
    • M. Thomas Collier his Galiard
    • Captaine Digorie Piper his Galiard
  • Spoken Vegetable Round
  • Purcell, Wine in a morning


We’ll continue dropin rehearsals at the usual time (7:45) and
roughly through the end of March. Then we’ll be rehearsing for
the Walk for Hunger, and
the meetings will be limited to the people signed up for that.

We have four people (me, Sue, Anne, and Ishmael) signed up to
play the Walk for Hunger. We could use a couple more, if there’s
anyone out there who likes the idea of playing for tens of
thousands of people in the open air.

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