Beet-walnut salad, with tofu croutons

Mark Bittman’s Minimalist
in the New York Times food section last week had a
recipe for beet walnut salad.

It sounded good, and I had intended to make it for the
after-rehearsal food for the band on Tuesday. But one of the
members said there was a large tray of salad left over from some
conference where she works, so although I had already diced and
roasted the beets, I didn’t get around to making them into salad
until Wednesday night.

The band had made a large dent in the salad on Tuesday, but
there was still a lot left, so I took some of that and added the
beets and walnuts to it. I made a very basic vinaigrette with
just olive oil, vinegar and mustard.

In order to make it more of a main
course, I added some tofu croutons, from Bittman’s How
to Cook Everything Vegetarian.
Basically, you cut the block
of tofu into small cubes, flavor them the way you want them, and
put them in a 350°F oven for an hour. I used olive oil mixed
with a mild chile powder and herbes de Provence, salt,
and pepper. I may try 325°F next time; the smallest cubes got
a little charred at 350.

I don’t have anyone else’s comments to pass on, but I’m looking
forward to eating the rest for lunch today. The beets and walnuts
do go very well together — the sweetness of the beets needs some
kind of contrast, which in borscht is the sour of the sour cream,
but the nuttiness of the walnuts is good too.

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