Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope

This time, I’m really looking forward to the upgrade on my
desktop system.

For those who don’t follow such things, Ubuntu Linux has two
releases a year, in October and April, and they’re numbered by
year and month, and also have an alliterative name with an
animal and an adjective. So last Fall’s release was 8.10 and
was called Intrepid Ibex. The one that’s in beta now will be
9.04, and will be called Jaunty Jackalope. The names are
alphabetical, so the next version will start with a K.

I usually upgrade my laptop, which I use mainly for reading the
morning paper over coffee, as soon as the new release is in beta.
This was about two weeks ago.

The upgrade from Intrepid Ibex to Jaunty Jackalope fixed a
couple of really annoying bugs:

  • The -# option to lpr didn’t work.
  • I couldn’t make sound come out of Audacity, although other
    sound programs worked as usual.

Of course, I don’t do as many things on the laptop (when I’m
not traveling) as I do on the desktop, so I always wait until
it’s an official release to upgrade the desktop. But still,
I’ve tried out a lot of stuff and only found one bug, which got
fixed yesterday:

  • Rhythmbox wasn’t being able to see the music in the exported
    folder on the desktop.

Last time, the upgrade from Hardy Heron to Intrepid Ibex on the
laptop made Firefox unusable and I think screwed up some other
things. I was only able to get a usable Firefox by doing a fresh
install, which isn’t a problem on the laptop, but would be a real
pain on the desktop. Whatever problem the upgrade had got fixed
by the time I got up the nerve to update the desktop, but it was
with real trepidation I did it, and as you can see above, there
were a couple of nasty bugs that never got fixed in that

But this upgrade I’m really looking forward to. The computer
should count how many times to print; you shouldn’t have to. I
worked around the Audacity problem by using ecawave instead.
Ecawave is really a nice little program, but it doesn’t have
anything like as many features as audacity, and there aren’t as
many people on the internet who’ve written good advice about how
to use it.

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