Following up

This is from the spindle; I’m in Fall River celebrating the
ancient Slavic fertility rites.


I posted a review of the
movie Dune
a couple of weeks ago, and said I wasn’t competent to review the
since I hadn’t read it for too many decades.

The blog has recently
posted a fairly good review
of the book, if you were looking for one of those.

In general, is a good place to go for literate
discussion of science fiction, although it’s a pity that they
don’t usually put out electronic editions of their books.


Last Wednesday, I posted about opening day,
and what a good baseball game it was. Unfortunately, I’ve
watched at least pieces of all the games since, and they
weren’t anything like as good:

  • The Red Sox haven’t won any of them.
  • Their pitching hasn’t been particularly sharp.
  • They’ve been doing their usual amount of hitting, but
    leaving lots of men on base.

It’s early to give up on them, but it would have been nice if they’d
continued how good they were on Tuesday.

Other signs of Spring

In the opening day
I wrote about all the different ways you decide it’s
really Spring. The sartorial one happened for me on Friday: I
cleaned out the pockets of my winter jacket and moved the
essential stuff to a lighter jacket and put the winter one in
the laundry. Of course a major reason the lighter jacket feels
lighter is that I put only a normal amount of change in the
pocket, instead of the amount that had accumulated all winter in
the winter jacket.

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