Upgrading the Desktop

I said I was looking forward to doing it
based on how well the new version worked on the laptop. I’m
pretty well done, and I’m not really looking backwards with
fondness, but upgrading is really a lot easier than it used to
be in the bad old days.

Doing the upgrade

To begin with, when I first tried it yesterday via the standard
network upgrade, it downloaded a
few packages and then hung. When I tried it again, it downloaded
a few more and hung.

This didn’t happen when I upgraded the laptop, but that’s
probably because I didn’t do that the day after the release was

So I read the instructions, and found a way
to use a bittorrent to get the CD and upgrade from the CD
images. This was quite fast, and I had the upgrade completed in
only 3 or 4 hours. I didn’t have much time between then and when
my dinner guests arrived to check things out, but there wasn’t
anything obviously wrong.

Finding the problems

As I mentioned, I use the desktop for a lot more different
things than I do the laptop, so it’s only to be expected that
there will be more problems.

First, the good news — I can use the -# option to the lpr
command again. This is going to make Tuesdays, when I print new
music for the Cantabile
, much less irritating.

Now for the (relatively) bad news:

  • The other problem that seemed to be fixed on the laptop was
    that audacity didn’t make any sound when it played music. This
    was still true on the desktop. So I deleted the
    $HOME/.audacity-data directory, and now audacity plays. Maybe
    that would have worked without the upgrade.
  • When I went to send mail, I got an error message about
    gnutls-cli not being there. I checked and mail seemed to be
    being sent anyway, but I posted a message to the gnus newsgroup,
    and two people replied with the name of the package that now
    includes gnutls-cli. So now I’m not getting the error message.
    I didn’t get an answer to my question about what gnutls was
    doing, and of course I should file a bug on gnus in ubuntu for
    the upgrade not having happened correctly.
  • My key repeats have gotten a lot slower, so I’m going to
    have to figure out how I set that and set it to a different
  • When I post to a newsgroup, it now complains that my .sig is
    too long, when it’s any longer than one line. I thought four
    was a fairly standard limit; I’ve never heard of two being
    considered asocial. I tried two different mail2news gateways
    and they were both doing the same thing, so it may have to do
    with the upgrade. I’ll try to find it; I know some of my quotes
    are too long, but you should be able to say something.

On the possibly good news but not yet verified front — firefox
may be leaking less memory.

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