Dried mushrooms

The last two company dishes I’ve made have been lots nicer
because I bought an 8-ounce package of dried trumpet mushrooms from Earthy

It was recommended on the New York Times Bitten
, with some very flowery language about the texture of
the mushrooms after reconstitution being very similar to fresh

That isn’t my experience — they seem as slimy and rubbery in
texture as other dried mushrooms I’ve reconstituted. But if you
buy in bulk they are cheaper, and if you chop them up fine
enough you don’t mind the texture.

And you get the reconstituting liquid to cook with. These seem
to have less sand in them than some, although you still watch
the tail end of the liquid when you’re adding it to

My favorite thing to do with the liquid so far was to use it to
cook kasha. The kasha is already an earthy taste, and having
the mushroom soaking liquid makes it even better.

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