Time for more garden pictures.


They’re still in pretty tight buds. I staked the one in front
that was falling over the sidewalk.



Still lots of pretty tight buds, but it’s starting to open



It’s continuing to get bigger. The directions said not to cut
it for two years, and to cut carefully the third year. This is
the third year, so I’m expecting at least a little bit of sauce
for something. After this, I should have to bake pies to be
able to put anything else in the plot.

[new rhubarb leaf]


The pansies have been flattened by the recent rain.

[flat pansies]


The Giant Alliums are about to burst into bloom. I bought a
bulb assortment (tulips, daffodils…) in the fall of 1984, and these are the only
things still going from that investment.

[Giant Allium bud]


This was slow to come up at all this year. I was worried that it had been killed by the cold
weather in January, but it’s doing well now.


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