Renaissance Band Flyer

I said recently that I wasn’t sure the
current Cantabile
Band flyer
was the best flyer for our current purposes, and
also that I wanted to do the redesign before BEMF.

Since tonight is our last meeting before BEMF, I should get a
draft done now, so that people can comment on it.

The only obvious thing from the flyer of two years ago that’s
not really true any more is the statement:

Except for occasional meetings just before performances, we
welcome drop-in members who are not able to come regularly.

We do still welcome drop-in members when we aren’t preparing
for a performance, but we are performing more frequently and
preparing longer. So of the five months so far this year, three have
been closed to droppers in.

So I have a flyer with some minimal changes (new picture,
better description of the performing we do) up now at renband.pdf, and
I’ll see if the rest of the band thinks there need to be bigger

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