Roasted vegetable potato salad

I had lots of ingredients but limited time to make a contribution to a
cookout last Monday.

So I decided to just roast all the vegetables and then put them
in a salad.

I sliced a bulb of fennel, quartered an onion, added a pound
of potatoes, slathered all of this with olive oil, put them on the
broiler pan in a 500 °F oven until the potatoes were done.

Then I let them cool, cut the potatoes into halves or thirds,
and put it all in a covered bowl to take to the picnic.

At serving time, I added some of my tofu vinaigrette.

Tofu vinaigrette is basically like regular vinaigrette, except
you blend in some tofu. If you’re buying the tofu specially for
this purpose, you get the silken kind, but whatever you keep
around works.

There was a nice roasty flavor, and the tofu vinaigrette is a
really pleasant dressing. It isn’t overly acidic, but still has

Several people took seconds, and my mother took most of what
was left, so I had only a small contribution to Tuesday’s lunch
when I got home.

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