Revolutionary Road, the movie

I posted about
the book
a few weeks ago, and said I wasn’t going to bother
with the movie, but I watched it last night anyway.

It was actually better than I expected. Kate Winslett is
pretty good, although I still kept seeing January Jones from Mad
Men instead. As I expected, Leonardo DaCaprio’s matinée
idol good looks aren’t really right for Frank. And of course,
they don’t have anything like as much good detail in a 2-hour
movie as in a 300 page book.

For instance, the first scene in the book, which really grabs
the reader, goes into a great amount of detail about why the
production of Bus Stop that April stars in is such
a flop in spite of all the hard work that a lot of people did.
The movie skips all that and goes straight to the audience

Another scene that’s especially good in the book and left out
of the movie was when April cleans all the dirtiest parts of the
house before botching the abortion.

I wasn’t especially impressed with the costumes and scenery,
but the sound track was definitely an addition.

Michael Shannon,
who plays the mentally ill son of the real estate lady was
especially good in a fairly difficult role.

So on the whole, read the book or watch Mad Men if
you really want period melodrama, but if you’ve done that and
still want some more, it’s not a terrible movie.

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