Last day stew

One of the things you have to do when a farm share is dumping a
large box of produce into your car’s trunk every week is have some
general recipes to use up the stuff from last week when the stuff
for next week is coming.

So Tuesday I put all the salad greens I still had into a salad
and fed it to the band. Then yesterday I made a stew of the
cookable stuff still hanging around.

This was basically the Bok Choy from the first week and the
Kale from last week. So I took two cans of tomatoes, a cup or so
of quinoa, two cups of liquid (in my case, a cyser that’s too dry to drink straight) a can of pinto beans (if I’d been organized, I would
have soaked beans early in the day, but I wasn’t), two medium
onions, several cloves of garlic, and some seasonings, and threw
everything in a pot. I sauteed the onions, the garlic and the
stems from the leafy vegetables in olive oil before adding them to
the pot. I let this simmer while I practiced tuba and recorder
and vocalized, and then had it for dinner.

I don’t have feedback from anyone else, but I went back for
seconds. It will be a good thing to have around for meals when I
don’t feel like cooking any of the wonderful things in this week’s

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