What’s being downloaded

Yesterday I
wrote about how I was keeping track of which blog posts get read
the most. That was so much fun that I’ve also been keeping track
of what pieces on the
Serpent Publications Site
are being downloaded.

It’s also fun, but a bit more irritating. Most of the old
stuff that people are still reading on my blog is fairly good
stuff (most notably the Bread machine
post, which is almost three years old, but I really
haven’t changed the way I do it, and it’s still something I like
bringing to places and people still ask me for the recipe).

Unfortunately, a lot of the music people are downloading from
Serpent Publications is my really early attempts at getting music
notation software to print unbarred parts, and isn’t anything like
as good as what I can do now.

So if I ever get this website migration under control, one of
the things I’m going to be doing is taking the stuff that people
are interested in and fixing it up to the current standard.

Another problem is that the most downloaded piece is a not very
interesting drinking round, called Tom
Jolly’s Nose
. It’s the most downloaded because it’s
by a man named Henry Aldrich, so in the alphabetical list by
composer he comes first, even before the really popular
“anonymous”. I’m still producing the most downloaded list in the
sidebar by hand, and I’ve thought about cheating and just not
listing that one, since anyone who wants it can see it right at
the top of the page anyway. I am cheating and giving the Drinking
book address instead of the composer, since that will
lead to other songs of interest to someone who wants that one,
whereas clicking on Henry Aldrich will only give you another link
to Tom Jolly’s Nose.

But most of the other pieces on the most downloaded list are
real big hits that people who come to the site actually are
probably interested in seeing.

The reason some of the older ones are downloaded most often is
that they were the ones I wanted to typeset first, and
so people like me want to download them first. And a lot of them have
been updated, even if they aren’t this year’s latest and greatest

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