Wakefield Summer Band concert

The first Wakefield Summer Band concert of the year is
tonight. If you’re near Wakefield, and want to spend a pleasant
evening on the shores of Lake Quannapowitt (it looks like for a
change we’re getting good weather today), I gave details in the
weekly Cantabile
Band post.

I never played in a band in high school, so I’ve never been
properly socialized as either a tuba player or a band musician.
And there are lots of kinds of music I’d rather put the time into
than band music, although the really good arrangements are a lot of
fun to play.

Two summers playing tuba in a summer band (and one on alto
horn) isn’t enough to make you a very good tuba player, but it’s
amazing how useful you can feel just playing the easy notes on the
tuba arrangements.

From a low brass perspective, the best arrangement on tonight’s
program is Phantom of the Opera, where the
direction says “With a menacing manner”.

When I got the tuba and took it to Osmun Music to buy it a
mouthpiece, they guessed it was made in about 1910, so it’s almost
100 years old. It’s in Eb, which makes it easier to carry around
than the currently more usual Bb tubas. It’s also closer to the
same range as the serpent.

I’m not the only person in that band who doesn’t work seriously
on their instrument during the winter, so from the point of view
of hearing a good concert, you should probably wait to come until later
in the summer. The concert will last less than an hour, and if
there are good places to go drinking afterwards in the area, I
haven’t found them, so it isn’t worth driving a long
distance, but it’s certainly a pleasant option for how to spend
your evening if you live in Wakefield.

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