Pub Crawl

A short one today, since I’ll be spending all afternoon and
maybe some of the evening at the Boston Wort Processors Pub

I’ve been going on these since 1991, so for me they’re a
recurrent social life, where I see people I might not have seen
since last year, or even for several years.

But if I were moving to a new city, I might try to find an
organization that does pub crawls just to see where people who
drink think the good bars are. Especially for a woman, it’s
easier to check out a new place in the company of other people.

While there’s an occasional disappointment on the list, all the
stops are places where someone has had a good meal or at
least a good pint sometime.

Today I’ll be joining at the beginning, since it’s my local pub a couple of
blocks away. I’ll definitely stay at least through Jacob Wirth’s, which has
really good strudel. I’d like to stay to the end, because I
haven’t yet been to the Roadhouse, which only opened within the
last year, but I may decide that 3 or 4 bars are enough for one
day and check out the Roadhouse some other day.

The 4:30 stop at Cornwall’s is a likely crawl-ender. That was
one of the disappointments I mentioned a few years ago, when
they had some beer of a good brand that was undrinkable because
of improper storage and refused to recognize the fact. People
say they’ve improved since then, but I may remember the taste of
that beer and decide to walk home and take care of the dog.

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