Halfway through

Yesterday was my half birthday. This means two things:

  • In one year, I will be 59 1/2 and I will really own all the money in my
    retirement accounts.
  • I’m half through with this experiment in blogging every day.

I know I already told you about how I felt about being one third
, but I’ve had a couple of new thoughts since then, so I’ll
pass those on.

I think I’m writing some better. My current crusade is to use
the word “thing” less, and substitute a more specific noun.
I’m doing this in routine emails, as well as in these blog

I may be reading better, as a result of the fact that my
default is to write about anything I read that I really love
and want to tell people about. One of the more popular posts
on this 59’th
year experiment
was the one I wrote about Little Dorrit
after watching the BBC adaptation and rereading the book.
Part of what made that one good was that I took notes about what I
noticed and had to look up while I was reading it. I’m
currently rereading Anna
, and I’m planning a similar post about it.

I did finally get a request from a friend to change something.
I had goofed and left his real name in some text copied from
elsewhere on the web, and my blog turned up on
the front page of a google search for his name, and he was starting a job
hunt. Of course, I immediately redacted his name. It does
prove that this blog has a higher google page rank than the
page from which I lifted the quote with his name in it.

Of the top ten most popular posts, four are about the Boston Early Music Festival. I
got a request this week from the American Recorder
to use my blog post about the recorder
masterclass with Paul Leenhouts
, since the person who had
been assigned to cover it for them hadn’t come up with an

I still don’t know much about who’s reading this blog, but the
numbers of readers are going up steadily, so someone must be
enjoying it, or finding what they search for in google on

I still haven’t completely missed a day, although I admit that
days like last
are cheating a bit. But I had written real
content, just in other contexts from the 59’th year blogging
every day project.

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