Songs for October meeting

We will be having special guest leaders for our meeting on
Sunday, October 11. They have sent 6 songs in advance, and it
would be helpful if people could print them in advance, the way we
did for the August workshop with Francis Roads.

Here’s the PDF

Bruce writes about the leaders:

Edwin and Sheila Macadam, from Oxford, England, are the co-editorial revisers of Praise & Glory, pub. 2000, and have been members of the West Gallery Music Association since 1990.

Edwin founded Sussex Harmony, the Lewes-based West Gallery quire, in 1992 and together with Sheila, founded Warwick’s Immanuel’s Ground quire in 2001.

Between them they run five West Gallery and American shapenote singing events each year in the UK, as well as workshops at both the Sidmouth and Warwick Folk Festivals, and in collaboration with the Royal School of Church Music will be leading SingBirmingham 2009 in November, following the success of SingBirmingham in 2007.

Edwin specialises in the psalmody and anthems of composers from the Midlands and South of England, whilst Sheila is interested in the transmission of New England psalmody to England in the 19th century.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sing West Gallery music with two of the
leaders of its revival!

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