Today’s the day for the DNS move

I started writing this a while ago, and got hung up on
.htaccess documentation.

In any case, I started by forwarding all the email from the old
ISP to a gmail account, so that the DNS change won’t screw that up.

I’ve also copied all the files over from the old account to the
new account. I think I have most of the links I need.

So soon, I’m going to tell the new ISP that it’s hosting the domain, and tell the registrar that the DNS is now
with the new ISP.

I will then as quickly as possible tell the new ISP where to
look for some of the things that aren’t where it might expect.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get things set up right; if they
disappear for a few minutes, or even a couple of hours, don’t
worry about it.

If there’s something you want that’s been gone for more than a
day, you should let me know.

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