Report on the October 27, 2009 meeting

We played:


It looks like there will be a meeting next week at Stuart’s.
Le me or Stuart know if you want to come and need directions.
Aram took some likely looking music last night, which he will bring there,
but if there’s something particular you want to play, you should
print it from the
Serpent Publications Site
, or ask Stuart to do it if you
aren’t set up to print easily.

After that, we resume our regularly scheduled dropin meetings
(7:45 PM on Tuesdays at my
through November.

In December, there will be a concert by three of us on December
17 at the Boston Public Library Rabb Lecture hall at 2 PM on
December 17. The Tuesday night rehearsals will be restricted to
those performers.

It’s likely the annual party will be on Sunday December 20.
There’s still time to complain if that date isn’t good for

After that (maybe not December 22, but we’ll see), we resume
our regular dropin meetings, except that January 19th will be an
election, so we may have to do something different for that.

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