Report on the November 10 meeting

We played:


We will continue our regular dropin meetings on November 17 and
24. These will take place at 7:45 at my place.

For the first three weeks in December, the meetings will be
restricted to the performers in the December 17 concert.

On December 17, three of us (me Ishmael and Anne) will be
playing a concert at the Boston Public Library at 2 PM in the Rabb
Lecture Hall. (More
information about the program.)
If you’re going anywhere where
people would want to know about this, please take them a flyer.

I haven’t heard any objections to the party being on December
20, so that’s when we’ll have it. I’ll have invitations shortly.
We usually start around 4 in the afternoon.

Other events

If you like our music plus food and drink format, you might
also enjoy the Pub Carol Sing Sunday, December

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