How to find a movie

I’d always thought I’d seen and enjoyed Bertolucci’s 1900.
It was in the late 1970’s, it was a long Italian movie
with gorgeous pictures of the Italian countryside and a marxist
plot, so nothing I read about 1900 disabused
me of the idea that I’d seen it.

As I said, I remembered enjoying it, so when they put out a
special collectors’ edition with restored footage that made it
even longer, I ordered it from Netflix.

I was quite surprised to find that 1900 was
not the movie I had seen. There were scenes I would
certainly have remembered if I’d seen them, and I didn’t, and
there were scenes I remembered vividly from the movie I
had seen that just weren’t there.

I tried searching Amazon,
Netflix, and IMDB for the movie I had seen, to
no avail.

Then I read a mention of Rotten Tomatoes as a
place where movies were reviewed, and up popped Tree
of Wooden Clogs
, which seems to have been the movie.

So I’m putting that on my netflix list, now.

For the record, the scenes I remembered were the grandfather
gleefully implementing his secret process for growing the earliest
tomatoes in town, cutting down a tree to make his grandson a pair
of wooden shoes so he could go to school, and the whole family
being evicted as penalty for having cut down the tree to make the
clogs. So my search term was something like “italian tomatoes
wooden clogs”, and it worked on Rotten Tomatoes but not on the
other places.

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