News of the week of October 4, 2011

Meeting report

We played:


We continue our open drop in meetings every other week. So we
will be meeting on October 18 and November 1.

If you need to know whether a particular Tuesday is an open
drop in meeting, use the
The link is also on our page.


The Boston Wort Processors
will be hosting the annual Ciderfest
on Sunday afternoon, October 16, at Carlson Orchards in
Harvard, Massachusetts.

A few of us have usually gone and played and sung for a while.
If you’d like to go, let me know by Tuesday, October 11, and I
will sign you up as my guest. There doesn’t seem to be a charge
for coming, but people are expected to bring a side dish, so if
you know what you want to bring, tell me. Also tell me if you’d
like to buy any cider at $3/gallon. You have to bring your own

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