News of the week of November 15, 2011

Meeting report

We played:

  • Thou God of all, whose spirit moves to
    Old 22nd from the Anglo-Genevan Psalter
  • Jouissance je vous donnerai
  • Je ne suis pas si sot bergere
  • Entre vous qui aimez
  • Ne l’aria in questi di fatt’ho un si forte Castel,
  • Tanto mi piacque
  • Cider Round

Report on November 1 meeting

We played:


The good news is that we’re going back to a weekly schedule,
except for a few interruptions. The Morley rehearsals, which have
been preempting these rehearsals have now moved to Thursdays,
except when someone can’t make Thursday, in which case they will
still preempt the Tuesday dropin rehearsal.

The bad news is that two of the interruptions are in the next
two weeks.

So we will not be meeting next week, November 22, when we can’t meet on
Thursday because it’s Thanksgiving.

We can’t meet on Tuesday, November 29, because one of the
Morley performers can’t make the Thursday rehearsal that week.
However, if there’s interest, we could hold a dropin meeting on
Thursday. Let me know if you’d come if we did that.

The two weeks after that, December 6 and 13, are fine for
rehearsals, except that someone else will have to get them started
because they’re having a special election in part of Cambridge,
and I’ll be working at the polls.

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