News of the week of December 6, 2011

Meeting report

We played:

  • Hymns celebrating the spring weather we’ve been
  • Holborne
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains
  • Rore, Mia benigna fortuna
  • Ravenscroft, To Portsmouth


We have resumed our every week dropin meetings on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place. Anne has
kindly volunteered to arrive on time and let people in next week,
December 13,
when I’ll be running a special primary to replace Warren Tolman in
the state senate.


This year’s Christmas party is on Sunday, December 11, at 4 PM
at my place.

If you know that you’re coming and what you’re bringing, let me
know, so I can coordinate. But please come at the last minute
even if you haven’t told me, and don’t have time to cook
anything. Potato chips and bottles are good contributions to a
potluck, and don’t need coordination since if more people
bring them than eat them, we just won’t open them all.

Invite your friends, especially if you know people who might be
interested in joining our group. There’s a printable
if you want hard copy to give them.

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