Gig with the Fipple Fluters

One of the people I play with keeps complaining that he’d love
to give concerts but he doesn’t think we’re good enough. I tell
him we’re never going to get good enough unless we do a lot of

Yesterday, I played with my sister’s recorder group (the Fall
River Fipple Fluters) at the Padenarum Farmers’ Market. The
weather was wonderful, the audience was appreciative, they weren’t
stuck listening to us if they preferred buying
vegetables… Exactly the kind of gig people who aren’t
necessarily good enough to play formal concerts should be doing to
get a chance of playing for an audience.

We played a Dowland set, but mostly did recorder
arrangements of folk tunes. I played mostly top lines on my G
alto — it’s playing farther up in its range than the soprano
would be, so it carried better outdoors. I tried to check that
there weren’t a lot of high G’s and A’s (in which case I sound
better on soprano, although I’m getting better at the high notes
on the alto), and missed a couple of pieces I should have switched
on, but it was really pretty good.

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