There were protests last night

The New York Times front page covers polls of people against
military strikes on Syria, but not anything about the protests
organized by MoveOn and other

I didn’t go to the one I was invited to in Boston, but I know
some of the people who organized the one in Fall River. Here’s
the interview
the organizers gave the Fall River Herald News.

Ms Conrad reports that there were 30-50 people and lots of
energy. More energy for chanting, “NO WAR” than for listening to
speaches or singing “Blowing in the Wind”. But there were three
TV stations and at least two newspapers. So I don’t know why the
Times doesn’t think demonstrations are more newsworthy than

If the Times is going to go on reporting polls as “news”, they
should at least explain what the pollsters are doing to correct
for the growing number of people with only cell phones that the
pollsters aren’t supposed to call. The story this morning only
said, “The nationwide poll was conducted via landlines and
cellphones from Sept. 6 to Sept. 8 with 1,011 adults.”

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