Options for a cookout

2013-09-21 11.30.11

I promised you more about how I’m cooking from the farm share
this year. I thought I’d start by giving you the email I sent my
sister yesterday about what I might be able to bring to her
cookout today.

I have enormous amounts of cooking I could do, and will
undoubtably do less than I could, so if there’s something on this list
that you particularly do or don’t want, let me know.

  • Green salad. There’s not only lettuce but also arugula and mustard
    greens, and tomatoes, peppers and radishes for standard additions.
  • Ratatouille. (This will be from the two bell eggplants in the
    box a week ago.)
  • Baba Ganoush (This is from the extra box of eggplants 2 or 3
    weeks ago, which is already roasted but not yet flavored.)
  • Salsa Verde. I made some two weeks ago that I liked, and they gave
    me another bag of tomatillos this week.
  • Potato salad (There is a little bag of dill, and two bags of potatoes.)
  • Rosemary cake (This is really good timing on the part of the
    folks at Picadilly Farm. Last spring I found a recipe for a rosemary cake
    that uses up 8 eggs (I have an egg share, too) and gives you dessert and/or breakfast for a
    week, and everyone I fed it to liked it and several of them asked
    for the recipe. I was feeling like making it again, and trying
    to figure out how to organise or buy the fresh rosemary, when a
    bunch appeared in the farm share on Thursday.

My sister replied that she had an eggplant dish planned and
someone else was bringing salad, so the best thing would be the
rosemary cake, so that’s what I’m doing. I may also make a salad
— there’s nothing wrong with several salads at a cookout, and the
leftovers are good for breakfast.

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