Schedule for the week of January 7

No meeting reports
since we haven’t had a meeting since the last one. There was a
snow storm, and then it was Christmas Eve, and then it was New
Year’s Eve.

Regular meeting

There will be a meeting as usual tomorrow
night, January 7, at 7:45pm but my furnace isn’t working, so it
will be at Stuart’s. He lives at 1328 Broadway, Unit #2, in
Somerville, and his phone number is (617) 776-0065.

Another party

Although we just had a party, we’ve decided it’s time for
another one. Barney Gage will be in town for the weekend, so
anyone who wants to is welcome to come over to my place on Sunday
evening, January 12. Some of us will be at West Gallery in Newton
Highlands until 5, so the party can’t get started until 6 or so.

We will do some combination of eating, drinking, playing,
singing, and telling war stories. Let me know if you want to come
and whether you’re bringing food.

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