News of the week of December 10, 2013

I’ve been counting votes in Cambridge instead of putting out
meeting reports, so here are several.

Meeting report, November 26

  • Loeillet, Sonata in A minor
  • Hymn tune warmups
  • Byrd, O Lord my God
  • Palestrina, Vestiva i Colli
  • Adieu mes amours, Des Prez, Moutons
  • Guerrero, Adios me amor
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains

Meeting report, December 3

  • Lots of Susato
  • Des Pres, Mille regrets
  • Susato, Les miens aussi
  • Lassus, Bonjours mon coeur
  • Certon, Chantons Noël
  • Praetorius, Lo how a rose
  • Star in the east

Meeting report, December 10

  • Deloach, A Baroque Christmas
  • Gaudeamus Pariter
  • Quem Pastores Laudavere
  • Arbeau, Bransle Officiele
  • Praetorius, Psallite, Von Himmel Hoch, In dulci jubilo, Puer
  • Josquin, Adieu mes amours, Mille regrets, O Venus bant
  • Carols


We will meet as usual on December 17.

We will not meet on December 24.

I’m easy about meeting on December 31, but I would expect most
poeple to feel that they had something either more exciting or
less exciting that they’d prefer to do that evening, given we’re
having the party on January 1. Let me know by the December 17
meeting if you would like to come over on December 31. And
consider it a commitment – I’ll be annoyed if I turn down
invitations or don’t go to First Night and then nobody
shows up. I’ll schedule a meeting if at least two people want one.

The Christmas party is on January 1 at 4 PM. Please invite all
your friends, especially people you feel might be interested in
joining us on Tuesdays some of the time.

After that, we will resume meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

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