A good dog that didn’t make the exhibition

[ice skating]

I was at the Boston Museum of Fine
about Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer. I
wasn’t really using my Prado
for seeing too much art, where I look carefully only
at the pictures with dogs in them. But I couldn’t help noticing
the dogs. There weren’t many in the formal portraits, but the
family pictures and landscapes mostly did have dogs.

There was an album
of watercolors
, which was of course open only to whatever page
the curator had picked, but it had a sign that you could see more
on the website. So when I looked, my favorite dog was the one above.

One thought on “A good dog that didn’t make the exhibition”

  1. Laura,
    My favorite Ducth painting af a dog is in the perminent collection of the MFA, it shows some people in St Bavos cathederal and a dog peeing on one of the pillars. The Dutch love their dogs, and the are welcomed everywhere, but I doubt if the approve of the behavior of the dog mentioned above.

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