News of the week of April 5, 2016


Meeting Report


We would like to meet every Tuesday at 7:45 pm at 233
Broadway. But the meeting will only happen if a critical mass of
people say they want it by Monday night.

More site relocation news


I’ve been getting fan mail about the new Serpent Publications
site. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

I have also moved the Laymusic
. It should look almost the same, although the typography
is a little different and there was a small amount of PHP code
that I can’t use in the new place. But if you think you’ve missed
one of these emails, that’s where to go to get the information —
I post it there simultaneously with sending it to the list. It
also goes to Facebook and Google+, and someone told me nobody
would read it there if I didn’t have pictures, so when I’m not in
a rush, I go to Google images and find a picture.

Mailing lists

If you’re getting this in your email, it’s because I moved the mailing lists
to my new host. It turned out that I needed to change things a
little, so if you want to write this group, it’s,

If you have mail splitting set up, you may have to modify

Also, the listinfo
page has changed.


The next step is to move the mail for I’m hoping it won’t change in any sender-visible way, but
while I’m fiddling with moving it over, it’s likely that I will
make some mistakes, and even if I don’t, I’ll be changing the DNS,
so it will take time to propagate. So if you get an odd bounce message, or I
don’t seem to be responding, just wait a while, or send the mail
to my gmail address, or
use one of the other ways to contact

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