News of the week of August 20, 2019

Meeting report

A Post Medieval – Modern gold finger ring probably dating 18th or 19th century. (FindID 421188)

We played:


We meet Tuesdays at 7:45 pm, at 233 Broadway, Cambridge, as
long as enough people have told me by Monday night that they want
to come.

Playing opportunities

The West
Gallery Quire
will resume meeting on
September 8 at 2pm at the Newton Highlands
Congregational Church
. It’s open to all
singers and players of melody instruments. It’s
a different take on church music than what most
of us grew up with, and it’s also your best place
to sing with a serpent.

The Boston Recorder
will also presumably start up again in September, but
they haven’t gotten around to telling anybody when. I hope it’s
because all the people who do that work have been off having
summer fun and are just starting to get back to organizing
meetings. I will let you know when I find out the details, or you
can check their web page.

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