News of the week of December 21, 2021

<a title="By Koninklijke Bibliotheek [CC BY-SA 2.0
(, via Wikimedia
Commons (Original work by illustrator: Georges Delaw), CC BY-SA 2.0
, via Wikimedia
Commons” href=””>The Emperor's New Clothes (Street Procession)


  • December 28, regular meeting. We will meet on Tuesday December 28 at the home of Wendy Goble and Richard Schmeidler. Please let me, Wendy, and Richard know if you are coming.
  • January 1, Holiday Party. Starting at 4 pm, also at the home of Wendy and Richard. Let me know if you want to come, and if so what if anything you would like to contribute to the food and drink. If you have holiday music (or any music) that you especially want to play in this environment, either bring a few copies or let me know what it is and I will try to print some. If you don’t want to come, polite regrets are welcome.

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