Finally, power’s on (10 AM)

Power woes

We’d been having outages all week, and NSTAR called yesterday
morning to say the power would be out from midnight to 8 am. It was
actually 1:30 to almost 10 AM.

More mozilla woes

Some lock file didn’t get removed (I’m guessing) when I shut down last
night for the power shutdown without exiting mozilla. So I couldn’t
get into my own profile, and the more or less random button pushing I
did ended up removing my profile, so I’m without all my bookmarks.

Music Publishing

Did a practice version of the van Eyck Comagain, with the
variations in score, to make it easier to play a phrase in all
versions. Used the etf files from Frank’s edition.

Some day will do it barred the way van Eyck did. Some of the lily
beaming defaults don’t work right.


Needed a real Jane Austen, so I downloaded Pride and Prejudice from
memoware, just before the Power went off.

1632 turned out to be violent and badly written so as to be

Pop server changing

I edited /etc/fetchmailrc to reflect the mail from that
the incoming mail server was changing (from to I didn’t have one about,
but I edited that anyway.

Both machines can be pinged. I have sent test mail to both
accounts, and so far it hasn’t shown up.

I don’t seem to have the hang of running fetchmail with the verbose
option these days. I always used to be able to do it.

Got it; you have to kill the daemon. Just stopping the job
doesn’t do it.

And the test mails showed up.

What I’m doing


The new Mozilla version crashes on the bostonre account.
I managed to get it to start and put back the homepage and bookmarks,
but it’s very odd. That didn’t happen for the lconrad login.

Updated web home page.

Emailed Anne Riesenfeld about scheduling the summer sessions.

Got postcard from Sheila using BRS mailing permit. Need to call
post office about changing that.

Personal business

Appointment for car on Monday.

Appointment for me with Anne Rodman.


Started comparing html to db. Much html missing, very little db
missing. This is surprising.


Put part assignments up at the
walk page
; emailed wfh list about them, and about the passes and
t-shirts I ordered yesterday.

Music Publishing

Emailed Frank, so I ABC’d “Woe Betide my weary body
I’m sure the Ann
Heyman arrangement is copyright, so I won’t worry about putting it up.

Back on Track


Finished getting data from backup into postgresql. Need to replace
missing data, and catch up.

Software installs

Read Linux Journal, and downloaded:

  • SQL-Ledger, which looks like it might be an improvement over
    gnucash. I did the basic install, but it hangs when I try to create a

  • Blosxom, which seems to be basically working.



Gershwin, A foggy day


Non Gemme, non fin oro with divisions for Hope’s class. Also vanEyck
Comagain and Country dance tunes for Walk for Hunger.


Probably doing both “Estans assis” and Watertown at Walk for Hunger.


Jane Austen Juvenilia. Makes Northanger Abbey look really good.

Installed 1632 from “Hell’s Faire.iso”


Have the second disk of West Wing.

Eric Rohmer’s Chloe in the Afternoon.