Bonnie J. Rogers, RIP

Bonnie smiling

June 27, 1943 — May 18, 2008

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral will be on Saturday, May 24 at 11:30 AM at St. John’s
Episcopal Church, Beverly Farms
, Massachusetts.

The church is only a couple of blocks from the Beverly Farms commuter rail station, and we have timed the service so that it will be possible for people to get there on the train, and get home afterwards.

If you wish to read or to give a brief remembrance of Bonnie at
the funeral, please let Laura know.

There will be lunch following the funeral at the Cygnet Restaurant
in Beverly Farms. Please let one of the ushers know if you
want to go to lunch, as we will be making a reservation.


Donations can be made in Bonnie’s memory to:

Viola da Gamba Society of New England,
P.O. Box 192,
Belmont MA 02478


Project Bread,
145 Border Street,
East Boston, MA 02128

Public Transportation

There’s a train that leaves North Station at 10:15 and arrives in
Beverly Farms at 10:59. When you get to Beverly Farms, walk through
the village and turn Left. There’s probably a sign saying “The
Episcopal Church Welcomes You.

There’s a train leaving Beverly Farms at 12:25, but you
probably won’t make that one, so plan on having lunch with us and
taking the train that leaves Beverly Farms at 2:26 and gets to North
Station at 3:10.

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