News of the week of June 6, 2017

Meeting report

Types d'Auvergne - La Bourrée (carte     postale)


Reminder: we are not meeting tonight, June 13, because of the Boston Early Music

We generally meet every Tuesday, at 7:45pm, at 233 Broadway, as
long as enough people have let me know by Monday night that they
want to come.

There will be two Tuesdays in July where this will not be
true. July 4 is not a good day to drive here, as you will be
competing with hundreds of thousands of other people who want to
see the Pops concert and the fireworks, so if we meet that week,
it will be on some other night. The week that includes July 17, I
will be at The
Amherst Early Music Festival
, so there will not be a meeting
at my place.

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