Gig, and backups

DVD writer

I got it working yesterday. The big deal was getting the scsi
emulation; I’d only had SCSI cd-writers, so I had to get the ide-scsi
module loaded right. After that, the dvdplusrw tools seem to be the
way to go. It’s really nice being able to add stuff after you’ve

The backup script I have is pretty rudimentary, and at the moment, to
fit the backup on one dvd, I’m having to delete most derived files,
and compress the rest. Also it doesn’t do things like backup the
database. But it’s a lot better than nothing, and if I leave the
right dvd in the drive, I can run it automatically at night, but I
need to write a program to check for that first. For now, maybe I’ll
just kick it off when I go to bed.

I have to practice this morning, since we’ll be leaving for the gig at
about 3, so I’ll leave fidling with the new hard drive for later in
the week. I’m sort of concerned it might not work, since I know I had
the jumpers right at least once, so I should get to it soon if it
might have to go back. But I certainly don’t have time tomorrow

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