I’m starting a contract job at Durridge next Monday, so I’m trying
to get my life in order. I’ve asked Barney to walk the dog every
afternoon, so that should be ok.


I borrowed some Zone 2 dvd’s from John and Miyuki. They play fine on
the new dvd writer. I get a “wrong zone” error message on the
downstairs DVD player. I have looked up the firmware change for
making the DVD zone-free, and it’s here.
My serial number starts with C1500 and is on a white label.


It looks like I can ride the bus from Alewife. To do it all the time,
I’d need a combo pass, which is seventy-some dollars a month. So gas
is probably more expensive, or similar. So if the air-conditioning
works on the bus, and you can generally get seats, it might be worth

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