Added Guillaume Le Heurteur, Grace et vertu, bonté beaulté, noblesse

I have the AR edition of
“French Chansons for Three Voices (ca. 1550), Part I: Three-Part
Chansons Printed by Gardane (1541)”

Several of our favorite drinking songs are from there. When there are
three good people at a small rehearsal, as there were the Tuesday
after the blizzard of ’05, we sometimes read through some of the ones
we don’t know. On that occasion, this was our favorite of the seven
or eight we read, so I said I would transcribe it, and I have.

There’s a slight infelicity in the transcription. The modern system
of alternate endings on a repeated section was developed after regular
barlines were a consistent feature of printed music. I feel that with
music written before this happened, it’s a lot easier to read without
all the tied notes that the regular barlines require.

In this piece, there isn’t a good way to decide where to put the
repeat sign, and have the alternate endings work for all parts without
tied notes. So I decided on the simplest solution, which is to repeat
back to almost the beginning of the phrase.

This leaves the Cantus
part exactly as the AR edition has it (minus a fermata on the last note). The Tenor part is missing the
half note which should be tied to the ending half note on the first
ending, which I have noted in a footnote. The bassus part singers
have to know to not sing the pickup to the last phrase at the end of
the piece.

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