Tonight’s rehearsal cancelled

Although it’s been sunny and bright all day here in Haverhill, the
prophets are foretelling dire consequences unto any who venture forth
tonight, including a Wicked Bad Storm Warning for Southern
Massachusetts (where Medway is), freezing ice (what other kind is
there?) on the roads after dark, up to 9 inches of snow by morning,
and a plague of hailstones (OK, so I made up the last one…). A bunch
of people have already said they don’t want to go out tonight.

So, based on that information, I’m making an executive decision to
Cancel Tonight’s Rehearsal.

I hope we will be able to reschedule it for next Thursday, the 3rd
(note to Pace Willisson – is the room available that night?). That
means we’ll have 2 rehearsals, 2 nights in a row; I hope everyone can
come to at least one of them. And I hope we don’t get more weather
either of those nights.

I’ll also send out Yet Another Email with information about versology,
repeats, instrumentation, and so forth for all the tunes, so we can be
partly prepared beforehand.

I’ll feel real stupid if, after all this, we get a half-inch of rain,
but I’d feel even more real stupid if we all ended up dead in a heap
on the highway.

Stay warm, practice your parts, and I’ll see you all safe and dry next

Best wishes,


It’s 4:25 PM and it’s getting cloudy. I think I just saw a flake. Of
snow, I mean…

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