Phone-in rehearsal for Medway Gig

It’s been at least 3 days since you got an email from me, so here’s a Wic=
ked Long one to make up for it!

When someone can’t make it to a rehearsal, I sometimes joke that “they ca=
n phone it in.” This is the closest I can get to a phone-in rehearsal. If=
you check all this stuff carefully in your tremendous amount of free tim=
e, I won’t have to repeat it more than 4 or 5 dozen times in the rehearsa=


Will be both Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 in Medway.

See this for
the directions
if you still need them.

THESE are the people who are coming, as far as I know. This is a good-siz=
ed mob, or madding crowd. We won’t all be at both rehearsals, but I want =
to set up empty chairs where they aren’t, so we can see if we have enough=
room (I’m sure there’s another way to say that).


Nancy Reid – Anne Kazlauskas – Susan Jaster

Norm Nichols – violin

Liefe Wheeler – recorder


Victoria Bolles – Suzanne Mrozak – Betsy Opitz

Sarah Thompson – violin

Michal Truelsen – concertina

Deb Ross – recorder


Pace Willison – Barney Gage – Art Anger – Jody Wormhoudt

Karl Goedecke – flute

Ishmael Stefanov – violin

Arlene Nichols – recorder


Jim Harper – Douglas Bond – Richard Schmeidler – John Martin – George

Bonnie Rogers – Rackett

Laura Conrad – Serpent

PROGRAM with notes:


I’ll have extra copies at the rehearsals, in case anyone lost something.


– PSALM 122. All 3 verses, as written.

Hymns & Psalms during the service:

– CRANBROOK. With the congregation, thusly:

instrumental verse for introduction

verse 1, everyone

verse 2, everyone

verse 3, instruments and congregation only.

verse 4, everyone

– ZADOCK. One of the readings is about King David. We’ll do this after th=
e reading.

Be sure you know how your words repeat. Versology as thus:

verse 1 (“The king”), everyone

verse 5 (“Eternal blessings”), voices only

verse 6 (“Thus, Lord”), everyone.

– PSALM 23RD. This is another Reading Of The Day.
Be sure you have this prepared, with whatever page setup you need, and no
te the repeats. I want to do it thus-wise:

Symphonies – Wind instruments only. This includes not only the intro
duction and the ending but also the interludes on the 2nd page. Strings p
lay only with the voices.

Verses 1 & 2, everyone.

Beware! the dynamics. Over-exaggerate the Pianos. This is a good rule for
elsewhere also.

– ALLENDALE or FROME, maybe, if we need another. Probably not, but bring
them anyway just in case. The other readings are something about Fornicat
ion, and the story about Jesus curing the blind man, neither of which we
have songs about. I’m thinking of a joke right now, but I will spare you.

Lecture where the sermon would normally happen:
I’ll use the same talk I’ve given before (if you’re tired of the Bassoon
Story, you don’t need to listen). We’ll do the first verse of each (excep
t Gibraltar), to illustrate the talk.
– LINGHAM. with repeat.
– BIRMINGHAM. with repeat. Beware dynamics.
– STOCKS. Voices only!
– GIBRALTAR. Verse 1 and 4, NO repeats! With symphonys at ends of verses.
– AN HYMN FOR EASTER DAY. with repeat.
– OTFORD. with repeat. Big dramatic effect at time change!


– GWEHELOG GRACE. both verses and “Amen.”

– LYDIA, if we need another.


– CORFE CASTLE TUNE. 3 verses, with repeat, but may not need all.


– PENTONVILLE. verses 1 – 2 – 5, with repeats. I hope the Tenors are well


I’d like to sit in the same general formation we usually use, with Sopran
os and Altos on my left and Tenors and Basses to my right. If space permi
ts, I’d like the instruments in the front rows with singers behind them (
stand up to sing). We’ll see what the space is like when we get there. We
can mess around a little to make sure everyone has room.

Bring a stand if you need one. If space is tight, maybe people can share.

TENORS: be aware that all your instruments will be playing an octave high
er than you’re singing. I may play the trombone on some pieces, as long a
s I can also direct and sing at the same time.


1. tune to the concertina.

2. I will designate 4 people as Designated Pitchers to play the first not
e of the tunes when needed. Probably Liefe, Michal, Ishmael, and Bonnie.

The service is at 8:45 AM! Gasp! Keep this in mind if you’re going out ca
rousing on Saturday night.

We should dress nicely for the service. No farm boots with dung on them,
no matter how authentic that may be!

Any questions/answers/problems/otherwise? let me know!

Whew! the end! I hope you’re all still here! I hope you’re still all here

I’ll see you on Wednesday and/or Thursday.

– Bruce

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