Bruce’s Announcement of the March 13 meeting

I hope this will be the last email from me for a while! If you’ve recent=
ly joined this list – we don’t usually have the frantic flurry of message=
s that we had these past few weeks.

The regular West Gallery workshop is coming this weekend, and we have som=
e other newses as well.


Great Thanks To All who participated in the Medway church service. I thought it sounded great, and the church was very pleased to have us there.
I hope everyone had a good time and didn’t lose too much sleep! All the
people in the church said they really enjoyed it, and some of them took
the flyers, so maybe we’ll see some of them at another event.

They videotaped the service; if anyone wants a copy, we should be able to
get some.


The next regular West Gallery Music workshop will be next Sunday, March 13th, at the usual time (1:30 – 4:30 PM), at the usual place (St. Mary’s C
hurch in Newton Lower Falls).

Easter is coming up, so we’ll do the two “Hymn for Easter Day” pieces, an
d also the “Hymn for Good Friday” with all its blood and gore.
I want to do “Old Foster” again; we sang it last month, and it was unfami
liar to a lot of us. Since we won’t be having a regular meeting in April
, we can celebrate April Fools Day early by doing “Psalm XLI” and of cour
se the “Hotchpotch Hymn” (sung to the tune of “Dulverton”). If there’s a
nother song in the book which you’d like to do, let me know!

Please bring your friends! We’ve been getting quite a few newcomers rece
ntly; I hope this trend continues. If you know any Oboe, Clarinet, Basso
on, or Concertina players, twist their arms – we don’t get many reed inst
ruments, and it would be nice to have some more. Of course, singers and o
ther instruments are welcome too!

Who has the West Gallery Music Video? I forget who last borrowed it. If
you’re done with it, someone else might want to see it.

If anyone is involved with concerts, dances, sings, or other events with
other groups, please bring some flyers and put them on the table. This i
s more efficient than trying to announce them during the meeting.


Next month we won’t be meeting in Newton because Neffa is the same weekend. We’re leading a West Gallery workshop at Neffa on Sunday, April 10, at
Noon in the Small Hall.

Start thinking about what songs we might like to do there; the procedure
will be the same as last time, with a booklet of songs for everyone. I’ll need some people to make copies, some people to hand them out, welcome
people, and show them where to sit (we’ll also have the signs, like last
year), and everyone else should sit in the room amongst the assembled multitudes.

Stay tuned for more about this. Yes, that means another email!


We’ve been asked to perform at the Sunday morning service at St. Mary’s (
where we meet) on April 24th. A few people already said they’re availabl
e for this, so I presume we’ll be able to rustle up a goodly crowd. I do
n’t know any further details, but I’ll let you know when I find out. I t
hink the service is at 10:00 (not at 8:45!).

We’ll have a couple of rehearsals on different week-nights (it won’t snow
). Watch this space for further updates. Yes, that means yet another em


Please check the Tune List has at the web site (
If you’re missing anything, let me know. I can also give you a printed copy of the song list if you can’t get to the web site easily.

You should take your music booklet with you if you plan to come regularly
, or even irregularly. Put it in a 3-ring binder so it doesn’t explode.
I always bring a few booklets for newcomers, but I’d rather not carry to
ns-o-stuff around.

6. WEATHER OR NOT (repeated from last 3 months):

A) Now that the Weather season is upon us, be careful on the stairs at th
e church. We’re supposed to use the door at the right-hand end of the bu
ilding, but please use the ramp at the center door instead if you need to
; I always unlock this door.

B) If I need to cancel a meeting because of weather, I will send an email
to this list, probably on the morning of the meeting. If you don’t have
access to your email on that day, please call me (978-373-5852) if the w
eather is questionable.

C) If you need a ride from the T or elsewhere, send a message to this lis
t; if someone’s coming your way, maybe they can give you a lift.

I hope to see you on the 13th! And please pass this message on to other
people who might be interested.

Best wishes,

Bruce Randall

See our web page at

See the West Gallery Music Association’s web page at:

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