Bruce’s message about NEFFA

Hello everyone!

This is it! The last NEFFA email! Unless I forgot something, or some
major cat-ass-trophy erupts between now & then (like snow?)…

Don’t forget we also have a church service on April 24. There’s a
little info about this at the bottom of the page. More will come.

Please let me know how many booklets you’re making, so I’ll know if I
need to make more. Please do this soon, so I’ll have time to react.
And bring the booklets with you on Sunday! Don’t Forget Them!


The workshop is on Sunday from 12:00 – 12:55 in the Small Hall. This
is where we’ve been before. I assume the chair setup will be similar.
We’ll sit in parts with the basses to my right, the way we set up in

This workshop is a lot of fun, has always been well-attended, and is
one of the best ways to introduce the music to more people. But we
need to be efficient and organized in advance, to make it run

Try to get there a little early; the previous session is the “Ladarke”
sing-along; if you want to do this, you’ll already be there. Or sneak
in towards the end of the session.

Bring your stand if you need one, and all your instrument parts (don’t
laugh! I’ve seen it happen!) if you play an instrument, but don’t
bring your regular music book; we’ll sing from the special handout.

I’ll need people to do these things:

– a few people to greet in-comers, hand out booklets, encourage them
(we can’t force them) to sit in voice-parts, and generally be helpful.
A couple people might want to stay near the door so people who come in
late will get welcomed.

– some people to hand out booklets within the room. It takes some
strain off the greeters.

– 4 people to hold the signs (I’ll bring these) to designate where the
voice-parts are seated.

– everyone should sit in their favorite voice part, scattered amongst
the rest of the people. If someone near you seems confused, try to
help them out (within reason). Being a Good Example is usually the
most helpful – Sing Lustily And With Good Courage!

– one or two people could make rough estimates of how many attendees
we have. I’ll see if I can find out how many chairs they have; this’ll
help the count.

– if I tell the Bassoon Joke, and you’re sick of hearing the Bassoon
Joke, try to laugh anyway. It will encourage others to do the same…

– a few people to collect booklets . I’ll encourage everyone to take
theirs home, but some people might not want to; if we gather them, we
won’t leave the room in a big mess. Also make sure the chairs aren’t
too disarrayed.

– if people have questions, encourage them to come out to the corridor
and talk with us. We NEED to be out of there on time so the next event
can set up. I’ll have a pile of green flyers near the exit door, and
another pile in the Hall-O-Flyers. Also the back page of the booklet
will have information on it.

OTHER STUFF. If you’ve been to NEFFA before, you can skip this part:

– If you’re on the Performers list I submitted a month ago, you can
pick up your pass at the Performers Sign-In table in the lobby. This
gets you into the festival for the whole weekend. If you didn’t give
me your name, you can buy a ticket at the ticket table.

– DON’T plan on showing up just before noon and getting in! Allow an
hour for parking and bus-riding. The parking lot is across town. Don’t
try to park near the site unless you get there before sunrise!

– Please do other stuff while you’re there! It’s tons o’ fun, and
you’ll see and hear lots of cool things. A lot of us are also doing
other things there, so you’ll see some familiar faces. Don’t forget
your dance shoes and your lunch money!

If you have any questions or answers, let me know before Friday
afternoon. I will be at NEFFA all 3 days and will probably be too
tired to listen to messages at night.

ALSO Remember we have a church gig on April 24th. There’ll be at least
one rehearsal, on Thursday the 21th, and possibly another if I can
find a time. We’re doing about 5 songs, so it shouldn’t be too
difficult. Look for another email soon!

I will see you all there! Have fun!



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