[cantabile] Report on the April 26 rehearsal

Finally, we played through the whole program.

We made some decisions:

  • We rehearsed “Now is the month of Maying” with viol instead of
    rackett on the bottom line, so we’ll play it that way.
  • We’ll perform the two “small-group” May songs with the Morley set
    instead of with the 12:30 set. They will be part of the 1:45 set.
  • We decided not to worry about the places where Laura’s playing
    recorder on the second line and Paul and/or Patricia is plaing
    cornetto or fiddle on the top line.
  • Ishmael will be playing and singing the first line of Estans Assis
    solo, and then be joined by Barney when the rest of us come in.
  • Ishmael will be conducting the start of “By the rivers of
    Watertown”, as well as the tempo change on the repeat of the last
    section. He will also be starting us on “Clear or Cloudy”, where I
    play serpent.


The weather prediction at the moment is for partly cloudy, with
temperatures in the low 60’s. Which is pretty comfortable, but
remember that standing around gets colder than brisk walking, the wind
comes up along the river in the afternoon, and of course their ability
to predict how fast weather patterns move is limited, and they are
predicting showers for Saturday. So bring layers.

I’ll bring my keg of carbonated water and some paper cups. If
you’re going to need food between breakfast and 3:30 when Bugaboo
Creek will feed us, bring a snack.

If you’re not driving and would like a chair to sit on, ask one of
the people who is driving to bring an extra.

For my comfort, please arrive in plenty of time. I suggest that
anyone not playing the morning session be there by noon. If you are
playing in the morning, get there at least 15 minutes before you want
to be playing.

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