Things to take to the Walk for Hunger tomorrow

The Walk for
is my biggest gig of the year. Project Bread lets me
schedule the whole day from 10:30 to 3:00 at a site on the banks of
the Charles River. You can see this year’s playlist
and schedule.
So I’ve organized 10 people and promised to bring lots of stuff for
them. So here’s a list that I’ll probably be adding to over the
course of the day:

  • Instruments
    • Serpent
    • Recorders
      • Prescott Soprano (maybe with both bodies)
      • G alto
      • Prescott Tenor
      • Yamaha bass for Barney
      • Maybe other plastic instruments
      • Maybe F alto.
  • Music
    • Group music, in small notebook with page protectors, including all
    • van Eyck’s I’m playing, also in small notebook.
    • Barnes Book
    • Morley’s, both Tenor and Cantus.
    • Music from Washington’s Birthday.
    • Maybe the Barnes Couple dances.
    • Maybe Susato
    • Maybe more Van Eyck
  • Accessories
    • clothespins
    • Music stand
    • Banner
    • serpent stand
    • Recorder stand
    • page protectors
    • Chair (Probably chair instead of just stool this year, since I’ll
      probably want to sit to play the Morley’s with Bonnie, as well as for
      the two pieces I’m playing serpent on in the big group.)
  • Comfort
    • sweater
    • Inner fleece jacket?
    • Rain gear
    • soda water keg
    • snack?
    • Coffee
    • Sunglasses
  • Recording
    • Camera
    • Minidisc, with discs, microphone, small speaker?

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